Dutch tester introducing

Hi everyone,

Just got registered recently in MoT, and did some browsing already. Ofcourse, with no further adue, a small introduction: I’m Niels, living in The Netherlands very close to the german borders and the area where allied forces landed in WWII (historic fact :wink: ).

I’ve been into testing/QA since 2006, and did various roles both internally as well as hired.
My interests on professional/testing is: new ways of testing (agile/scrum/etc.etc.), try to get more feeling/experience on writing code (doing small steps in Java), and would like to extend some more test automation tools (but there are thousands of them).

MoT was brought under my attention, by the card deck for risk storming. Okay… and I did notice some cool stickers on laptops of my colleagues :slight_smile:
What I hope to find here? Well quite diverse, can be handy tips and ideas, great minds that think alike etcetera. I do attend quite regularly the dutch events of TestNet, but did not had the chance to visit one of the events of MoT (yet).

Further, as person I like to exercise as well, and like road cycling, mountainbiking. Did also run some half marathons, but not yet planning to pick this up. For cycling, I’m enlisted in 2019 La Marmotte (176km, 5000+ meters of elevation).

well… that’s a bit 'bout me. Questions, feel free to ask!

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