E numbers API to test

How many times did you want to know what are those E### numbers on the food packages?
Are you not curious to know if they are good or bad for you?
Well I was and made an API for this.
If you want to give it a try and tell me what you think :slight_smile:


Food has numbers?
And all this time I thought alphabet soup was never going to come back into fashion, I am saved.


@conrad.connected - Yes and a lot of numbers :slight_smile:

I was also confused to start with because I always thought that all food numbers need to end in .99 like the prices :smiley:


LOL, I just love that there are so many opportunities for test engineers to work at their skills using online portals, services and other platforms all at very low cost. A really cool exercise you have built here.


I have that data in a portable data storage device - a “book”.

@robertday - Glad you have the data in a book. I did not have it and had to search for it and since it did take me some time I was thinking to make the info public and free and for all easily accessible.