End of year planning and QA development

Hello Community

As we near the end of another year, this one more eventful and busy than the last, due to resumption of working back in the office, something I like to do is look forward and plan what I’d like to achieve or aim for in the upcoming year

I like to split it up into a few categories

Personal - self development that also crosses over into work at times, more self care, MH awareness and reflection

work - QA courses to improve and build on knowledge base - prince 2? Automation courses? Coding courses?

leisure - health and fitness goals, holidays, more quality time with family.

community (charity etc) - runs/walks/giving up time to raise money for charity
Help in the local community

Do people (still) do this?

The personal, leisure and community are easy to note ideas for; it’s the work related / self development that I’m getting stuck on.

Do people still do courses outside QA?
Eg prince 2, etc?

Thanks !