EXPIRED: Call for Content - Testing tip videos for TestBash Home

Type: Video

What we are looking for:

To help share the community love we’re going to be running short ‘testing tips’ videos throughout TestBash Home and we need your help to create them.

We’re looking for people to send us short videos that are roughly 10 minutes in length sharing a testing tip for the community. This could be about anything testing related for example:

  • A tool you use
  • An approach to testing
  • A hack to make you more productive, etc.

It can be whatever you like! To help get the creative ideas flowing, I’ve created a short example of my own that you can watch below.

If your video is accepted for TestBash Home we will pay you £50


We are not accepting agency work, promotional material or sponsored videos of any kind. This must be something created by the community. Please contact us at hello@ministryoftesting.com if you would like to get involved as a sponsor.

Deadline for submitting your video: 28th May

How to submit:
To submit your video, either:

  1. Upload your video to wistia at: TestBash: TestBashHome Shorts - dojo and leave a comment below telling us about your video
  2. Email a link to your video and details about you and your video to mark@ministryoftesting.com

A quick tip on how to emulate location and language in the Browser

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I’ve got 2 ideas for videos that I’d like to have a go at creating.

  1. Notetaking tips for conferences.
  • This will include Sketchnoting plus tips for taking rough notes while watching a talk and reviewing notes after a conference.
  1. How to setup a UI Automated Test using Specflow.

2 ideas here as well, both around micro-automations I use in my daily workflow to become more productive

  1. My favorite tools (windows/mac) for opening, visiting, searching web pages
  2. My favorite tools (windows/mac) that I use to interact with websites/applications in way that frees up brain power, and speeds up my testing.

I found a tool a while ago which maybe is not well known. It is Wave and I will make a video how this Chrome extension can help with accesibility testing


@restertest Thank you so much for your videos, they’re brilliant.

@utchbe I wonder if you could do both in a ten minute video under the banner of ‘micro-automations’?

@lgibbs Notetaking would be great. I’d like for the shorts to be a wide range of testing tips and that idea is a bit different to the tools based ones we’ve got so far.


@mwinteringham - I have more ideas for videos. Is it ok if I just add the videos to the Upload page, or do I need first to write them here?

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Nope, feel free to add. Although can you add your name to the files so I know they are from you.


Sounds good, can make that happen! :sunglasses:


Hi there!

I’ve uploaded a video to Wistia explaining the structure of a Json Web Token, and how we can create it programmatically using Postman. Hope you find it useful!


Hi @alopezari

Perfect thanks for this, this exactly what we’re looking for. Thanks for sharing!

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It may be just me but I cannot view the uplaoded videos anymore. @mwinteringham - is it working for you?

Oops, locked it by accident. I’ve now unlocked it :slight_smile:


Small question: does it have to be recorded with a camera or can it just be screen-view & voice?

Screenview and voice will suffice. That’s what I used.


Morning :wave:. I’ve just uploaded some short videos

  • How to automate a simple web game (1to50)
  • Using the DevTools console window to generate new accessibility test ideas