EXPIRED: Call for Content - Testing tip videos for TestBash Home

Fantastic, thanks @vivrichards! :smiley:

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:+1:No worries, I’ve still a few more ideas I might try to record - I’ll see how busy my week gets.

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Best ever ! I like all those tips and ideas that help testers in their life :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see more !
I would love to see those tips growing and available all the time even after testbash


Hey :wave:

I just uploaded a video about Synthetic API tests. I’ve covered

  • What Synthetic Monitoring and Synthetic API testing is
  • What are the benefits and some usecases for it
  • Brief demo of how to use a tool called dataDog to setup synthetic api tests, plus some things to consider when setting them up.
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Thanks for that @boyana I’ll take a look tomorrow but it sounds super interesting

I’ve just uploaded a talk on notetaking tips.
I’m recovering from a cold at the moment, so I hope the recording is ok. I’m just glad I managed to complete the recording without sneezing.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, this call for content is now closed. We’ll be in touch soon about hosting your videos.

See you all at TestBash Home!