EXPIRED - Call for Content - Two articles on Testing Tools

Type: Article

What we are looking for:

We’re looking for 2 articles from 2 different authors that discuss the topic of Testing Tools . Examples of articles could be:

  • Experience reports of tools you’ve used in testing (the more unusual the better)
  • Whats in your testing toolbox (Describing different tools you use, why and what value you get from them)


A choice between:

  • Pro Subscription to Dojo (6 months)
  • £150 to the Author
  • £150 to the scholarship fund

Payment is made after your article has been published. You can learn more about our publishing policy here.


As stated in our publishing policy, we only accept new articles. I’m afraid we cannot republish existing work. We are not accepting agency work, promotional material or sponsored posts of any kind.

Deadline to submit outline/draft: 16th September
Deadline for publication: Between 14th October and 28th October

How to submit:

To submit your idea, complete our Typeform with a link to a Google Document that contains either an article outline or a draft article:

‌You can learn more about writing with us via our Writing guide


Ohh I see this post today. Can you please tell me on how much the length of the draft version should be? Is there any word limit on draft version? If the draft version passes/approves then do we need to submit the final copy? Also,where to submit or send the final copy? I am sorry for these many questions. Thank you for your understanding!


Hi @muktaqa12

So everything you need to know about our editing and publishing process can be found here:


There is no word limit on our articles, although we will take into consideration length when reviewing in regards to when the deadline is and how much detail is being shared. Basically, our editors will work with you to get it right.

To submit, all you need to do is fill in the typeform above with details and a link to a Google doc with your outline or draft.


Thank you so very much for the detailed response!

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