EXPIRED - Call to Speak - AMA - 5th October

Type: Ask Me Anything

What we are looking for: We’re on the lookout for someone to join us for an Ask Me Anything session around the topic of Testing Tools or a similarly related topic. We’ll consider anyone who is confident that they could answer questions from the community for a full hour on the topic. The audiences of our AMAs have varying experience levels with the topic as a guide to help you prepare

Deadline to submit: 17th September

Presentation Date: 5th October @ 5pm

Payment: The speaker will be paid £150 after the delivery of the session.

How to submit: Complete the Typeform below:


I’m a candidate for the satyrical version of this AMA if the theme were “testing tools: wrong answers only” :smirk:


It’d certainly be an interesting opening question :smiley:

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I think a general wrong answers only AMA would be awesome. Would totally love to be part of that.

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Perhaps a Christmas special?

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