EXPIRED - Call to Speak - Masterclass - Test Strategies on 21st September

Type: Masterclass

What we are looking for:
We want someone to deliver a Masterclass around the topic of Test Strategies. We’re looking for a Masterclass that can help people improve either their Test Strategy skills or their ability to advocate and implement Test Strategies in their teams and development processes.

The speaker will be paid £250 for delivery. Payment is made after the delivery of the masterclass.

Deadline to submit: 13th August 2021

Presentation date & time: 21st September, 8pm UK Time

How to submit:

Complete the form below. You’ll then be emailed once we have reviewed each submission to let you know if your Masterclass has been accepted


Let’s give this a try. :nerd_face:

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This masterclass CFC has now been closed. Thank you to all who have submitted, we’ll be in touch soon with everyone over decisions.