EXPIRED - Call to Speak - Test.Bash() 2021

Type: TestBash Talks

What we are looking for:

Our goal for Test.Bash() is:

“Encouraging the community to become aware of and sharing as many tools as possible”

That’s why for our next Test.Bash() we’re focusing on the topic of testing tools. We want to hear stories and see demonstrations of tools the community use to help everyone expand their testing toolbelts.


Your talk can be 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes in length. We are offering a fee of £50 per 10 minutes. So, for a 30-minute talk, we’ll offer a fee of £150.

Deadline to submit:

13th September 2021

Presentation date:

28th October 2021 - 10:00am to 10:00pm (BST)


How to submit:

As always, we’re experimenting with our online formats, which means this time we’ve picked the talk topics for you. What that means is we’ve outlined five different ‘talks’ that you can select from, which you can add your own spin on. The topics are:

  • How Do You Stay Tool Aware?
  • What Are Your Favourite Three Tools and Why?
  • Share Your Current Tooling for Automated Testing
  • What Tool Hacks Have You and Your Team Implemented?
  • What’s Your Approach to Comparing Tools with Each Other?

You can read more details on each scenario in the thread comment below.

Whilst we have set the scenario to talk about, you can add whatever experience or tool you want to share to these scenarios. That way you can focus on sharing your story and we can share a diverse yet related set of stories for people during the conference.

To submit, complete the Typeform below:


How Do You Stay Tool Aware?

New tools and new versions of tools are released all the time, a fantastic problem for the testing community. This poses a challenge, how do you stay on top of all the latest tools, packages, libraries and their versions?

In this talk ________________ will share how they stay tool aware. They will share their resources, approaches, techniques and much more. This talk will give you real insight into how an active professional stays up to date with all the latest tools.

What Are Your Favourite Three Tools and Why?

We’re fortunate in the software testing industry to have many options when it comes to tooling. Whilst many new options exist, we tend to hold on to a few more than others. These are our go to tools, our trusty tools and the tools we simply can’t test without.

In this talk ________________ will share their three favourite tools with you. They’ll share their history with the tool, how they’ve used it in the past and how they use it now. They’ll also provide a short demo of each tool. This talk will introduce you to new tools as well as contextual ways in which each tool can be used.

Share Your Current Tooling for Automated Testing

Every context is different. Different technologies, domains, people, skills and experiences. All these differences, or characteristics of a context, often result in a unique solution to automated testing.

In this talk ________________ will share their team’s current automation stack including the tools and libraries they currently use. As well as how they chose those tools along with how their team is getting the most out of automation and what plans they have for the future.

This talk will provide you with a glimpse into a real working automation stack, to hear first hand from the professionals who created it, that are using and maintaining it.

What Tool Hacks Have You and Your Team Implemented?

Sometimes the tools we use don’t quite fit the bill. So we work around them and find nifty hacks to make them work for our context. These hacks can make all the difference, even if the tool wasn’t intended to do just that.

In this talk ________________ will share an example of a hack they use to make the tool work for them and their team. They’ll describe what problem they faced and why they chose to tweak the existing tool functionality. They’ll share some of the challenges of doing so and the benefits that came with the hack.

What’s Your Approach to Comparing Tools with Each Other?

When evaluating a tool there are many factors to consider; cost, maintenance, compatibility, support along with how easy it is to use and how much learning is required to get up to speed. Picking a tool can be a tough choice. So how do you use a methodical approach to compare one tool with another?

In this talk ________________ will share the methodology they used in their company to help them make a recent informed decision to select a tool to add to their tool stack. They’ll describe how factors, weightings and biases led them to such a decision. And on reflection, learn how they’ve evaluated the effectiveness of their decision now the tool is in use.


So there is more than one TestBash per year? :heart_eyes:
This one will be online as well, I assume?

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Yep to all those points :smiley:


I’ve added a “Location” section to help make this more explicit. Hope that helps.


Awesome, thanks fellas! :sunglasses:

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Is there a way of revisiting our form entries? I didn’t give a complete answer for 1 of my submissions because I walked away and thought I’d completed it and hit next by mistake. Or can I submit again?

Moral: don’t get a coffee while completing the form

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Ah yikes, I don’t think there is way to revisit and edit a form entry.

@lgibbs , would you mind submitting a new entry? We can ignore the one you submitted earlier, I can see the one you’ve mentioned.


Here’s @mwinteringham with a video message on how you can submit to talk at Test.bash();.