Exploratory testing documentation for embedded software testing - Any recommendation for tools for this purpose?

Hi Everyone,

I and my team work on testing software on an embedded HW. The device does interface with a computer for configuring it and a in house GUI on the computer can query certain parameters from the this Hardware (HW).
I have been looking for a exploratory testing tool to help with documenting the exploratory tests. I came across “Exploratory testing for JIRA” from Tricentis last year and thought is was simple standalone JIRA plugin which might serve the purpose.
Unfortunately, i recently learned that the plugin has been archived on Atlassian marketplace and now i am looking or an alternative.

Any recommendations on a tool using which i can easily assign charters to testers and testers can come up and record the scenarios based on this charter without too much of a hasle ?

Hi Abhi,
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There are a few tools which may help you with what you need. Here are a couple of suggestions:
@simon_tomes is creating a tool called TestBuddy which is dedicated to recording exploratory test sessions - https://testbuddy.co/
@alan.parkinson has a blog post on Hindsight’s page which covers using Behave Pro for recording sessions - http://help.hindsightsoftware.com/bdd-and-the-software-testing-team/get-started-with-session-based-testing
And finally I believe the Zephyr plugin for JIRA also covers session based / exploratory testing

I’m sure others on here will suggest other tools to help you.

Hi @sheymouse,

Thanks for the response. Took a quick look at testbuddy.co and Behave Pro.
I am not sure whether testbuddy.co has a JIRA plugin available. But Behave Pro does seem to have a JIRA plugin which is good for me.
Another thing which is important for me is being able to capture a screen recording (not just a screenshot).
Also, it would be nice if the tool could allow video capture from an external camera attached to the computer as well, since my team deals with testing the SW which is loaded on a HW which is attached to a computer. Video/Audio recording of the actual test on the HW will be very helpful.

Do you happen to know if any of these tools have that option ?

Hey @abhig23.
Sorry, didn’t realise you needed it to be specifically a JIRA plugin. testbuddy.co almost certainly doesn’t plug into JIRA from a native point of view.

From a screen recorder with the ability to interface with a camera point of view, I am a fan of Flashback Recorder from Bluberry - https://www.flashbackrecorder.com/
I’m a particular fan of its ability to record a set period of time (eg. rolling 10 minutes), which saves a lot of hard-drive space. Also if you find a defect, you will be able to stop the recording, find the defect, cut the video to show it.

Again, others who read this will have their favourite application. I’ve used Flashback for over 10 years and have never been disappointed with its functionality.

Hi Abhilash,

We use PractiTest for test management purposes and their system supports exploratory testing sessions as well as two-way integration with Jira. I find the system quite useful in regard to conducting ET sessions. It allows creating a test case out of test charters for reusability, report issues directly to Jira from execution and eventually create customized reports and graphs based on the session. In regard to live recording of sessions, I’m not sure this is possible, but it is possible to add attachments to annotations you create during the session. This is PractiTest’s full exploratory testing documentation. I hope that helps