Feedback and Survey Monkey

(craig) #1

Hi all,

After the Edinburgh meetups I like to get feedback, more than the meetup feedback that’s provided. It’s really helpful to understand how we can get better but also what we don’t see.

For example, at a previous meetup I thought it went well overall, but when I got the survey monkey results back we had some feedback from one attendee about the inclusiveness of the speaker as the person used the term “guys” and made a joke about “Devs with Beards” a lot during the presentation.

What this feedback allowed Ali and myself to do

  • Address the feedback with the speaker directly
  • Ensure that it was clear we were open and assessable to discuss further if anyone wanted to (its an anonymous survey)
  • Look at how we can be more inclusive and welcoming. I now try to make the point of welcoming everyone and checking if they got something out of it on the way out.

Anyway, I wanted to share my reasons for doing this and see if anyone had other ways to get feedback or even if the question set could be improved.

Results from our last meetup

(Bill) #2

That is actually a great idea. I was thinking to run a survey and send to all meetups members but necer had the time

I try to have as many 1:1s after every event possible so I can collect feedback through our convertation. Its always positive but I guess its harder for folks to tell you thay you suck right in your face!

(Ali) #3

Would it make sense for us to have a central account for gaining feedback on all of the MoT Meetups?

Reason I ask is that it might enable us to identify

a) what the other Meetups are doing well so we can steal some ideas
b) what constructive feedback attendees are providing to other Meetups so we can be aware and potentially avoid negative scenarios.

We use Typeform within my company for our DevOps Meetups (£46 per month) but Survey Monkey look to offer something similar for £25 per month.

(Bill) #4

I would go with google forms which is free

(craig) #5

Could we just not share a user account and password?

I use the free one to generate the question set and answers but its a limited set.

not sure im convinced about doing the data analysis on the whole, it would be easier if we all shared our results and we looked at parts of the feedback? not sure really all the meetups are the same.

(Sarah) #6

Just to update this thread with suggestions given on Slack:


We tried using Kahoot and getting people to sign in with the app to give feedback at the last couple of minutes of the meetup, but we ended up dropping it as the venue had terrible problems with wifi. Worth a look though as an alternative to survey monkey.


Could go totally tech-free and have emoji post-its and people put a tick under which one they feel best describes their experience on the evening?


We’re using printed feedback forms for the Software Testing Clinic in Cambridge (shamelessly stolen and based on feedback forms from the Leeds Testing Atelier). About a third of the attendees fill it in. It’s mainly positive feedback, which is great, although I’d be also interested in any thoughts on what we could do better :wink: I haven’t used it for our regular evening meetups, but would probably use slightly different questions to trigger more constructive feedback, and e.g. ask for topics they’d like to hear.