Finding new speakers

(craig) #1


I was speaking to Mark at the Brighton Open space and had a couple of ideas on how we can create a route to conference speaking for people while enabling the meetups to find new speakers.

As it currently stands when someone submits a talk they select a couple of boxes about location and something else. Could we add a new option that says, if you are not successful would you be willing to be contacted by your local meetup group?

If this is a yes then the meetup organisers can be passed the synopsis of speakers and contact details.
By doing this it means potential speakers that were not successful in this or an Webinar slot can practice at the local meetups and if they would be interested be given feedback on the topic to help shape and coach them to enable a resubmission.

It means for the meetups we are getting more submissions too.

Do you think this is an idea we can discuss further?



(Richard) #2

it’s on the roadmap, I’ve documented some thoughts on how it could be achieved.
Unfortunately, one thing we’d need to do this, which we currently don’t have, is a users location, we collect country which is rather broad. We don’t ask or collect this, unless you go Pro. We can guess based on IP, but that’s not always that reliable.
So, we intend to gather a few more pieces of information in the future to support a number of new initiatives, such as this one.

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(Ady Stokes) #3

Can I suggest that successful or not the option to do the talk locally is offered when sorted? I know MoT want the talk to be exclusive leading up to the event but after it could be done locally. A win for the Meetup, linked up marketing for the community. Win win?

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(Robert) #4

As a potential speaker, I’m just a little concerned over the issue of MoT’s exclusivity thinking.

Whilst I see the point of their wanting exclusivity when it comes to conference presentations, many speakers might prefer to try out their presentation at a meetup first, either to see how the subject goes down, or to try out their presentation design, or because they are uncertain in themselves about facing a large audience.

(There shouldn’t be anything to stop speakers aiming to present to a conference first and then take their talk out on the road, if that’s something they’re comfortable with; and presenting to a conference isn’t something I personally have a problem with. But: Your Mileage May Vary, as they say.)

(Nick) #5

As a Meetup organizer, I welcome any attempt that helps Meetups to link up with Speakers.

(Richard) #6

Where has this myth come from?
We insist talks aren’t done at other commercial conferences prior to a TestBash, and we favour new talks, but we do also accept talks that have been done before. We usually avoid talks that have been recorded and are publicly available online.

But let me be very clear, we encourage all speakers to practice at meetups, companies etc before TestBash.

(Ady Stokes) #7

Please accept my apologies if I said the wrong thing here.

(craig) #8

@adystokes no harm, no foul :slight_smile:

My idea is to help support and provide opportunities for speakers, more so if the meetups are struggling which some can for content. It was less about people who had been accepted and more about nurturing/supporting the talent in their path to greatness.