First 99 Minute Challenge - API Automation - My Experience Report

On 16th February the Ministry of Testing organized their first #99MinuteChallenge on automated checking of an API. Unfortunately, the host was affected by a power outage making it impossible to facilitate the challenge. Luckily, there were people still willing to spend their evening on working on the challenge. So here is a personal report about the discussed solution approach.
Read my full report here: Experience Report 99 Minute Challenge MoT.pdf - Google Drive

This experience report serves two purposes:

  1. I hope that people new to API automation learn something and have some insight into my reasoning for some decisions
  2. I hope to get some feedback from others. As parts of the approach were deatiled together I learned new perspectives and ideas. I am looking for more perspectives.

So I kindly ask you for feedback. Was this document interesting / helpful for you? Would you do something different? I really hope I continue learning on this topic.

And I also have the Postman Collection created while solving the challenge: 99 Minute Challenge.postman_collection.json - Google Drive


Thanks so much for sharing your experience report here, @thomjr. How very cool!

It provides a clear description of the experience and your observations.

As you’ve asked, here are some thoughts on the document:

  • Perhaps there’s an opportunity to use iconography to call out certain types of information you observed and to mark out your reflections. Maybe a :thinking: when it’s your reflection or decision point. Or perhaps a :+1: when something met your expectation. This might help the reader quickly get a sense for things based on your emotions/feelings reflecting on the experience.
  • To anchor the reader maybe it would be helpful to include a bulleted summary at the very start of the document: a summary of your observations and conclusions. Yes, it might “give everything away” yet folks can dive into the detail of the experience report knowing what’s coming.

Let me know if you’d like clarification on any of these ideas.


Thank you, Simon, for your feedback. I understand the idea and benefits of additional icons.

I am not to sure about the proposed bulleted summary. I hoped that the table of content provides such an overview. And I need to think again whether I see “observations and conclusions” that would guide the reader.
I added the headlines with the intent of guiding the reader. @bencf1 lately pointed out the need for headlines in a different context.