Follow-up stuff from my 99 Minute Workshop on writing

In my workshop I mention that I aim for language that’s effective (says everything it needs to) and efficient (doesn’t make the reader work harder than they need to). Unpacking those one level gives 4 properties - effective implies complete and unambiguous, and efficient implies concise and clear.

Someone who knows what they’re talking about (she’s studying A level English Language) pointed me at an alternative set of 4 things about language - Grice’s Maxims, which includes a maxim of quality :slight_smile: :Grice's Maxims

Paul Grice also knew what he was talking about, because he was a philosopher of language:


Very cool to learn about Grice’s Maxims. Thanks for sharing, @bobs!

I think as a community we very much benefit when we attempt to be as informative, truthful, relevant and clear as we can be, when sharing and discussing with each other.