Footballers who Can't Buy Pizza

I posted this on the slack channel, but thought people might want to discuss this here. I was looking at testing name fields, and it got me thinking about real names that might cause problems. For example, unusual characters, or multiple spaces in names, or even mononyms. So, I have begun to create a list called “Footballers who can’t buy pizza”. So, could Wolves flop Silas order himself a Mighty Meaty from Domino’s, or would he have to drive down to the Tettenhall Road? Would Þórður Guðjónsson have to drive all the way to Allestree (incidentally, how do you pronounce Þórður)? As for Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink, what chance does he stand? The legend that is João Moutinho probably just gets free pizza anywhere in Wolverhampton.


Þ / þ is like the “th” in, well, “Thor”
Ð / ð is like the “th” in “those”

/resident Icelandiphile


Thank you. Đ also pops up in Serbia (Filip Đuričić). It does amuse me when commentators use ridiculous pronunciations to try and sound clever (the Portuguese and Spanish Jotas being pronounced the same being one prime example).

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Not thread related but no one should buy from Dominos as they are fighting against making their app and website accessible for people with limited or no sight.

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Besides, Domino’s is overrated!

Back on topic… would the list of naughty strings be helpful here? I use it in text fields:

Not the same as using real names because exposes similar issues.

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Sorry, don’t know why I hadn’t replied. Didn’t mean to be rude. I’ve used that list before for general text entry. I mainly did my list as a fun exercise.