Functional testing tools - Seeking advice


I am currently developping a web application using Grails and JQuery. The project contains some Ajax requests. I would like to choose a functional testing tool and have found information on the subject Googling, but I am still not able to take a decision.

I have never used any of the existing tools before so I am unbiased. I know I need Javascript support but that is about it regarding requirements.

Could you share your experiences with me and tell me, according to you, which is the more satisfying option (or combination of options, as from what I have understood, some solution such as Canoo may be a bit too theoretical, and some other such as Selenium a bit limited in some cases).

Thanks you for your insights on this. Regards,

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Hi Hari,
Advantage with Selenium is you can customize framework using selenium as per requirement and can be easily with most of tools available in testing space.