G'day Folks from Brisbane, Australia!

G’day folks! :wave: :kangaroo:

I’m Dylan; I’ve been a tester since my first job way back in 2007. Back then I was cobbling together a Selenium-powered JUnit performance testing suite for a team of non-technical quality folks. Fast Forward a “few” years, and I’m currently the Manager of Developer Relations at Sauce Labs! Before this, I was a Software Engineer in the Support Team at Sauce, so I know a tiny bit about a lot of testing tools.

As a coder, I mainly create Opinions:tm:, and as a side-effect I get some Ruby and Javascript code ;). I’ve spent way too much of my life debugging Selenium issues, and currently I’m playing around with Playwright and Cypress, as well as investigating the different quality toolchain options. If you’re keen, you can follow my gentle ranting over on Twitter.

Outside of Dev; My husband and I just bought our first house and I’ve been excitedly working on the garden, where I’m trying to grown weirdo vegetables. It’s keeping my bees happy (Oh yeah, I’m a hobby beekeeper as well). I love to go camping, play boardgames, cook, bake and ferment things.

I’m also back at uni, doing a Bachelor of Language and Linguistics, majoring in Japanese and trying to convince the uni to let me minor in Auslan, the Australian Sign Language. This is my second degree; If I finish it, I’m planning to do a Masters and then maybe a PhD in Linguistics? It Depends :tm:

Looking forward to chatting with more of y’all, helping with any Sauce Labs questions and learning what the industry is up to!


Welcome to MoT @dylanlacey !


Some big plans ahead!

Do you still do some coding these days or purely Managing?
If No: don’t you miss it? :stuck_out_tongue:


None of my Aus friends are particularly horticulture-minded, so I have no idea what qualifies as a “wierdo vegetable” in your corner of the world. I spent some formative years in the north-east of England, where the Geordies have raised growing enormous leeks and other veg to the status of a cult!


Welcome to MoT mate :smiley:

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A lot of them are things that are variations on normal veggies, but aren’t available commercially here; Heirloom tomatoes, glass gem corn, tiny wee Jack Be Little pumpkins, Romanesco Broccoli, red spring onions, Nasturtiums.

Then there’s the imported veggies I grow to feed my Japanese cooking addiction; Shishito peppers, Komatsuna, Negi, Mizuna, Mibuna, Mitsuna and Myoga Ginger.

Oh, and some stuff just because it’s delicious and too expensive at the shops; A few varieties of Kale, some Rocket, Corn Salad, Cress, and our State’s very own ugly but delicious pumpkin, Queensland Blue.


Oh, you’re bringing back memories there, Dylan!

I’m a former Brisbaneite (now permanently ensconced in the USA) and after nearly 20 years in the US I still find the bright orange pumpkins kind of odd. The Queensland Blue is my mental image of “what a pumpkin looks like” (and what it tastes like).

Oh, and welcome!


Why linguistics :slight_smile: .

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I wanted to learn Japanese in a more formal setting; Trying to learn it myself casually wasn’t working. The Happenings of 2021 meant I wasn’t travelling for work so I had more time to dedicate and I decided to do something formal.

I live near the uni where I did my Undergrad and I figured I’d check their programs out. Japanese was offered as either part of the Diploma of Languages or as a major in the Linguistics degree. I really enjoy language and words and decided to give Linguistics a go; I’m most likely going to tie it back to my Engineering background by doing some Computational Linguistics stuff.