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I keep seeing Danny Dainton tweet about his Postman resources on GitHub - DannyDainton (Danny Dainton) · GitHub

The Big List of Naughty Strings is another one that springs to mind - GitHub - minimaxir/big-list-of-naughty-strings: The Big List of Naughty Strings is a list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data.

It made me wonder what other useful tester/testing types resources are out there.

Anything else out there worth knowing about?


Please forgive the Shameless Self Promotion…

I have some test resources and a big list to others at the various repos at


I have added some scandinavian names :slight_smile:


Hi Rosie,

I thought you'd never ask.

Over at GitHub, I'm building a Ruby-based testing framework in project RubyTest.

Right now, I'm building a Tester Tour that shows how to use an example framework to test the GitHub REST API itself.

The tour is a series of pages, each with a small test and its resulting test log.




I’d like to share some collections:

A collection of public APIs

A list of headless browsers

List of Free Software Testing Resources

Free Learning Resources For Software Testers


@andrew.fowler posted this on yesterday

Which reminded me of Andrews own repo that I found really helpful when I was getting started with


@danielbilling has some security testing resources on his github, as well as the code for Ticket Magpie


I’m dealing a lot with testing web applications with PHP and instead of dumping databases for test purposes, I’m using fzaninotto/faker to “generate” fake data elements like name, email, addresses, credit card numbers, etc… that I’m using with PHPUnit.

I’m using several static analysis tools like PHPLOC, PHPMD and PDepend. For security analysis I use psecio/parse, psecio/iniscan, mikestowe/Malicious-Code-Scanner and Sensiolabs package security checker.

Automated acceptance tests with Selenium are executed through PHPUnit/Selenium and resilience testing with Netflix/chaosmonkey.

Using SecList I can test weak/bad passwords with their 10M most used password list, fuzzing SQL injection and XSS vulnerabilities and much more.

I hope this list of tools can help your future PHP based web application testing.

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Some of the ones I’ve got bookmarked (trying not to duplicate anything already listed, but no guarantees) are:

Chris Kenst’s blog list of github resources

Github hacking resources list (again good for security testing)

Falsehoods programmers believe lists: (really good for finding assumptions and gaps)

Rather nice list of automated testing tools for .NET


This was posted in the MoT slack:

Melissa Eaden’s Charter Template for Exploratory and Session Testing is helpful.

I came across this one today


Also -

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