Godwin's Law(s) of testing

One of my favourite internet memes comes from a long time ago and is called Godwin’s Law.
Essentially, in any forum debate if someone mentions or makes a comparison to Hitler they automatically lose that debate and the thread is closed.

I thought it would be fun to discuss what is the Godwin’s Law (or laws) of testing?

I’ll start -

Godwin’s Law should be invoked when someone points out that a QA is not a Tester or vice versa.


“As an online testing discussion grows longer, the probability of a testing vs checking argument approaches 1”


Definitely testing v checking

Godwin’s Metalaw of Testing: Whenever someone attempts to shut down an open testing discussion based on a trigger they lose that debate and it goes on without them.

Godwin’s Laws of testing should also include any mention of:

  • Manual testing is dead
  • Manual testing vs automated testing
  • Test automation = automated GUI checks
  • Testing = following test plans
  • Manual testing is not a technical skill

Just to start with…

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