GPS location mock for mobile?

Hi All superhumans,
I am currently testing a new app which has a location feature and then when it generates a report a location map is part of the report. I would like to be able to mock different location on my test devices to ensure the mapping is correct internationally. Any bright ideas on how I can do this for Android and iOS?


Hi Mark,

This is supported in Moropo (I’m one of the co-founders) -

Happy to build a proof-of-concept with you if that would be helpful.


Welcome back to the community Mark.
Every time you want to test something out of the norm it ends up costing either time or money. And you have to calculate the high cost of home-baking. Looking at things today, Tom’s suggestion using their cloud host is pretty decent especially if you do not want to use it in a CI/CD pipeline because then it will start to cost a load.
I’m wondering though Tom, does Moropo plan to have app store integration, because using things like apk’s or zips is rather inefficient these days when everyone is pushing direct to the store test tracks already.

Hi Mark,

I used to use Lockito as a gps mock up on Android devices. It’s very straightforward app and easy to use.

Hey Conrad,

Apologies, I missed your reply back in Nov.

We don’t have an app store integrations yet. Most of our users configure us in their pipelines before the app store upload.

Always happy to built out new features with folks if the demand is there though :slight_smile:


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