Greetings from Hannover, Germany!

Hey Guys,

my Name is Bjoern, I work as QA Manager for a small software company which develops and sells its own software product.

Most of the time I develop UI-tests with C# and SmartBear TestLeft. I use xUnit and TeamCity for test execution.

I use MS Azure DevOps for testmanagement.

I also do manual testing, usually the current sprint backlog.

If anybody is interested in these topics/tools/technologies, feel free to contact me!

Kind regards

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Welcome on board Bjoern
I hope you do enjoy your visits to the forums, how did you find out about the Ministry of Test?

Is your entire product offering Microsoft Based? In other words is the product you test Windows only I guess, is my question?

Sounds like you will have a good contribution to bring with SmartBear experience and hope we can help you too.


Hi Conrad,

thank you very much! I’m following MoT for some months but I can’t really remember, how I found out about it, probably twitter or google.

Yes, our product is MS based and runs on Windows. It is written in C#.

Kind regards

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