Greetings from Indonesia!

(Shan Ramadhan) #1

Hi fellow Testers,

Glad to join the Club! I’m a Junior Tester from Jakarta, Indonesia. In my previous work, I was an outsourced staff for the QA role in a multi-finance company. I had been working there for about 2 years. It was a fine experience that helped me grew my passion in this software testing world.

There, I mostly conducted manual testing and I felt I still had so little knowledge about software testing and wanted to gain more! So, as I wanted to discover more about software testing and surely had a clear career path, I decided to resign and tried to apply for a job that would offer permanent position as a Tester.

Just recently, I’m accepted to work as a Junior QA and will start to join this new company on March. I’m very excited but a little bit worried because I think I will be doing some test automation stuff which I haven’t had any experience in it yet!?

Do you have any suggestions on what and where I have to begin with the automated testing? Should I learn about the tools first, the concept (Agile, STLC and stuff) or is there any specific programming languages that I must have?

I always adore new knowledges, so I really look forward to your suggestions and advices. I hope I can discover more about software testing, develop myself to be a better Tester and also contribute in the future.

Best wishes to all of you guys!

(Rosie) #2

Hey there. For automation, it could be worth try out the 30 day challenge we have on that, it could open your eyes to many aspects of automation. There are many discussions here on The Club related to the challenge too. -

(Shan Ramadhan) #3

Hi Rosie, thank you for responding!

I will try the challenge, thanks for the info :smiley: