Greetings from Texas!

Hi everyone, Connor Roberts, Test Manager in Dallas, TX (USA). I like to blog, though haven’t been able to much lately. Like attending conferences (CAST, STPCon, etc), but don’t have the $$$ to travel like most of the community I see. Love MoT resources, love testing, trying to evolve and become more technical as it seems folks don’t seem to appreciate the psychology and qualitative side of testing as much as I’d like, but we’ll see what the future holds. I am an open book, transparent, objective, can argue without emotion for hours so just tell me to shut up if I am being annoying. Glad to be here. I am forever a work in progress. The picture HERE is my mental model/answer when someone asks me “What is testing?”. Hit me up!


Welcome to the Club Connor :wave: We definitely have a few other testers around from Dallas :slight_smile:

Hi Conner,

Had a quick look at your blog and looks like you have created some good materials, looking forward to reading some more in depth soon.