Growing in the Windy City

(Anna) #1

Hi everyone! I’m Anna, I’m from Chicago and I’ve been doing exploratory testing since I got my bachelor’s in 2013.

Currently I’m between jobs, and it’s been long enough that I’m starting to go absolutely crazy, so I figured I should dig into things that aren’t just looking! Right now I’m teaching myself Selenium, but I need more than just that, so I’d figure I’d ask here.

  • There isn’t an MoT meetup in Chicago but I have yet to find a lot of testing based meetups here either, so if anyone knows of any I’d love to know?
  • I’ve been interested to contributing to some open source projects on the testing side but I haven’t been able to find any ones that are still active! So let me know if you know anything there too.

Looking forward to contributing more!

(Stu J) #2

Welcome Anna, from a fellow Club newbie :slight_smile:

What was your bachelor’s in?

(Anna) #3

It was in East Asian Studies actually since I had a lot of interest in the culture/language aspect. I took a bunch of CS classes too but I’m rusty on a lot of that now.

(Boris) #4

Hi Anna,

How do you came to software testing? Do you have any specific training in this field?
Going for automation is a very good idea, but you should not focus on technical knowledge too much.


(Anna) #5

Hi Boris! I came to software testing because I took a bunch of Computer Science courses in college but I was curious as to what other kinds of careers/skillsets there are in technology.

I’ve been doing mostly manual work since I started working in 2013 and I feel like some of it’s gotten a little stale, so that’s why I’ve been looking more into the automation/Selenium side of things, or possibly some other kind of certification just to have something more concrete now.

(Rosie) #6

Wordpress were looking for testing help for Gutenberg release recently, it’s mentioned in our weekly newsletter here -

(Anna) #7

Ah, I saw this but I forgot how to reply here, thank you!