Had any interesting food alternatives to Pizza at your meetup?

(Sarah) #1

A cracking conversation started on Slack regarding alternatives to :pizza: People can get bored of having pizza at every Meetup or might fancy something a bit more healthy.

@friendlytester suggested that variety is key, and it’s not just pizza that people get bored of; he has been getting wraps for the Manchester SWTC meetup for 5 months in a row and it’s time to make a change!

@g33klady suggests that ordering things other than Pizza is warmly received by attendees and recommends using https://www.ezcater.com/, if you’re in the US as they chase your order to make sure it gets to you on time.

What food have you been ordering at your meetup? Do you know any handy websites, like @g33klady found, in your region?

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(Hilary) #2

a taco bar was a huge hit
we’ve also had folks love the Mediterranean spread - lots for folks that are vegan, gf, and meat eaters
even getting chicken wings was well received
When I do get pizza, I also get a big salad and breadsticks for a little variety and more options
I’ve done subs once - a Jimmy Johns platter with pickles etc - but only 1 person showed to that meetup and I never ordered it again lol

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(Thomas Maher) #3

Grubhub.com works for me here in Boston, MA, when I want to order food.

The hard part is getting rid of the leftovers when 50% of the people who RSVPed do not show up.

(Richard) #4

Why is it hard TJ? Give it to folk in need. On the way back to the train station in Manchester we hand out the leftover pizza/wraps.

(Jayson) #5

When I see him, I’ve given left over food to one of the office’s housekeepers and he seems into it. :slight_smile: Barring that, as I usually don’t want to take a bunch of pizza home, I’ll leave it in our office’s kitchen and send a message in Slack letting people know it’s up for grabs. Of the four-ish pizzas and cheese sticks that were left over Monday night, I think nearly all of it is gone, if not all?

My trouble is that I’d like to support healthier, higher quality, and more diverse options but that jacks the price way up and I don’t have a corporate sponsor. We’ve had food over the past two meet ups because an attendee covered it for us.

(Drew) #6

I haven’t tried them at a meetup yet, but at work we’ve had burrito’s which went down very well.

I’ve also been to a different meetup which has an indian restaurant as a sponsor, and they provide a couple of boxes of chicken, samosas and onion bajhis. I wont lie - its amazing!

(Emma) #7

I suppose the hard part is knowing how much to order. I think this is why pizza can be the easy to go for food. If you order too much it never goes to waste and its a lot easier to pass out to folks who want it or need it. We would like to try something different as well, I think that will have to be the next goal! lol And of course read this thread for some awesome ideas! :slight_smile:

(Heather) #8

We had pizza at the first few but in December the office that hosts us had some left over donuts and they were devoured!

They were so successful that our sponsor decided to order a small box for our January event but they also added fruit which was great for dietaries. I wouldn’t have thought of fruit myself but that was also hoovered up. We typically assume around a 40% no show rate so we’ve rarely been left with any food remaining.

Sliders and burritos were popular at another meetup I attended but the hosts mentioned that the company who delivered the sliders were really unreliable for large catering so they wouldn’t use them again.

The pros for us of the fruit and donuts were it’s not hot food so if it arrives an hour earlier than it was meant to, it’s still good for use. Less so with pizza :sweat_smile:

(craig) #9

How did someone secure an Indian restaurant? Thats amazing. What we need to do is get an Uber Eats or Just Eat as sponsors.

(Hilary) #10

The best thing about that ezcater service is they take in the number of folks you’re expecting and give you estimates on how much to order, and will even be like “it looks like you have too much of x for the number of people” etc. It would be amazing to have a centralized service that did that so no matter where you were ordering you could get that figured out :thinking:

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(Lee) #11

We vary the venue for our Meetup, but one we use every other session is in the office of our sponsor, and they get food ordered in with a mix of tempura prawns, meat and veggie curries, rice, naans, which is a nice change from pizza all the time.

Being in the middle of Birmingham helps, as the food is quite diverse, with a large Indian/Asian presence in the Midlands in general, and the feedback on the food is always positive.

I do like your idea of getting fruit @heather_reid, with some people being more conscious about what they eat after what is not always the healthiest holiday season…

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