Has automation helped with team collaboration?

Has introducing automation in your organisation improved relations with the dev team?

Do you work together more closely? Are they interested in your automation suite?

I have used the same language as the devs in one case. The automation framework and tests worked well and were fast. So, the devs loved the quick and reliable feedback. Unfortunately, the design of the automation was not very good and it needed major changes for extensibility & maintainability. The devs fixed the design to make it perfect for our team. They were quite satisfied with it and trusted it.

I think the main reason for the success is using the same language as the devs. Maybe we could use a similar language also, but it would just be another hurdle for the devs to overcome.


More than just the automation language, it’s better to learn and use the architecture and design language. That would give a more effective connect.

I was listening to / reading this podcast episode transcript and think the guest touches on this a lot. Her team implemented test automation with Testim, which takes care of infra costs and updates and mantainance for automation, this helps ease a lot of the burden and makes it easier for devs and testers to get the most out of it.

She is saying although automation is not “automagic”, it requires investment but you can make it so that automators are not the bottleneck and make your reports and tests easier for the whole team to understand, that way collaboration is easier and so if fixing bugs. You got to use automation to get devs involved with the whole-team effort of quality engineering.

Great conversation! Quality Sense Podcast: Katya Aronov - Involving Devs in the Quality Process

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