Hello from Amsterdam

(Joop) #1

Hello all,

My name is Joop and I am a software testengineer from Amsterdam.

I joined this club to get more used to the English language when it comes to testing.

Hope to learn a lot.


(Hawu) #2

Hello Joop!

How are you? Could you write something about testing/test engineers labor market/jobs in Amsterdam?
There is a lot of jobs possitions for that kind of specialists? Do you know any test meetings that are organized there?

BTW. I love this city!


(Joop) #3

Hello Hawu,

Thank you for connecting!
After I got certified as a TMap Suite Software Test Engineer, and updated my LinkedIn profile with that, I receive quite a lot of emails from recruiters who offer new jobs.
So yes, the market for Testers is big these days.
Fortunately I am very happy at my job and with the company where I work, so I am not interested to switch jobs.

One of the companies who mails me the most is https://layer.nl/ Here you can find many testjobs.

Meetings about testing in The Netherlands are mostly organised by Exin. There website is also in English: https://www.exin.com/en

At the moment I do not know about a testmeeting that is soon, but I will remeber this and let you know as soon as I know about one.


(Hawu) #4


TMmap is the Dutch version of ISTQB right? But do ISQTB is also recognized as a valid certificate or not? Btw. do you know any website, to compare salaries on the Dutch QA market?


(Brian) #5

ISTQB is also recognized. So if you have that, you’re good.

Here are two salary comparison sites (must know Dutch, loonwijzer has options for other languages)


(Hawu) #6

Good to know, and thanks for sharing. I have to do a research about testers/QA’s positions and salaries in Amsterdam, because I was there only twice and fell in love with the city immediately. Have a nice day :slight_smile: