Hello from China!

Hi :smile: My name is Eason,excited to join this community after coming across it a few times online.

I’m owner of SonicCloudOrg - a testing platform.

We are translating our website ~

And happy to be here!


Welcome @eason your platform looks pretty cool! :smiley:

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Thank you~ I’m doing better now. I will translate our project and help people to use it.


Welcome to MOT @eason


:smile: Hello~ Nice to meet you.


Welcome aboard @eason ! Hope you get as much out of MoT as I have.


Welcome to MoT! @eason

Do you have any video’s of your product? The Chinese is a bit hard to read :smiley:

video: Sonic演示视频 - 知乎
We are translating our website, and we will add some video’s on it.


Welcome to the community, @eason. :wave:t2:

Very grateful for the translations to English.

Feel free to continue to share updates about SonicCloudOrg in the sharing lounge. Will be great to see how things progress.

Also, consider adding it to the Ministry of Testing Tools Directory.

And if not on your radar, there’s an excellent tools-focused event happening in October 2022. It’s called Test.bash();. Perhaps you’d be interested in attending.

See you around. :smiley:

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Hello, Sinmon. Nice to meet you.

It’s my honor to be invited by you, but my English may not be very good, and it will be difficult to participate in online meetings. Of course, I am also very happy to share my QA experience and my Sonic project, but it may be after I finish my translation work.


This is my bold idea. We can hold an annual evaluation of the best open-source testing tools to stimulate our tool building in the testing circle, which will make testing more interesting!

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Sure thing, @eason. Whenever you’re ready. :grinning: