Hello from Erlangen, Germany

Hi :wave:

I’m a “seasoned” tester (20 years of testing experience) from Erlangen, Germany. I have always enjoyed this job, because it focuses on quality and reliability. Currently I am working in an agile team devloping software for the german government.
I am now joining this cool community, because I’d like to share experience, and learn about new testing tools.



Welcome @ikkentobi nice to have you here. :smiley:

What kind of testing are you doing at the moment?

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Welcome @ikkentobi to MoT!!

What’s the funniest bug you ever found? :slight_smile:

The software is a classical java application (frontend, server, oracle database), together with 100+ batches and some SOA service operations. Testing is mostly done with test automation (Silktest, Test4J) with a high degree of automation percentage (25.000+ keyword driven test cases).

Interestingly, the application is currently re-implemented into a modern microservice application, in a way that new microservices will replace old functionality step by step. So this will not be a big bang switch, but an incremental one. It is quite thrilling :slight_smile:


The funniest bug? Well perhaps it was this one:
In Germany you receive some amount of money for your children until their age reaches 18 (at least). Every 3 years a check was to be implemented for every child in the database, for some special condition. Due to some misunderstanding on part of the software developer, the check was only done for kids of age 3.

Which is a good example why software developers should never test their own software…