Hello From Surrey, UK

Hi :wave:

My name is Nikki (Nicola Ironside-Skene). I work for Bank of America in QA in Cyber Security.

I’ve been a tester for nearly 20 years, I have loved nearly every minute of my career, always learning and embracing new experiences.

I joined Ministry of Testing to keep up to date with the latest topics and widen my network within this community so I can learn and hopefully contribute too. I mentioned this on my bio for my women in tech nomination (which I have been surprisingly shortlisted- yay) as very grateful to ministry of test for this platform and look forward to going through the content and learning more from the contributors.


Welcome to MOT. Look around, there is somenthing for everyone.


Welcome to MoT! :slight_smile:

20 years of experience, you must have seen the tides change about QA!
The upcome of all the new tools & such :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything specific that you are looking for?


Wow, always good to have non-white-male people, and with loads of experience in the domain join up.
I’m sure we will be learning a lot for you Nikki. And hope you can connect with supporters here in Cyber as well as uplifting women in tech.


Thank you very much. It has been incredible to watch the QA profession change so much including peoples attitudes and mindsets towards this profession.
I am looking to meet more people in QA, understand the tops affecting us, challenges and solutions. It is hard to keep pace and keep learning but that is my goal.

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