Hello, I'm Jon from Cheshire

Hello, I’m Jon.

I’m currently the manager/tester/threat analyst of an email filtering product testing service based at a small independent antivirus product testing lab in London, though I work remotely from Cheshire. I joined the company four years ago to develop and run this service due to my original background as a penetration tester (CHECK Team Leader, in fact).

My service tests the corporate email filtering services sold by antivirus companies and publishes the results tree times a year, so the test basis is always changing because it has to be based on an analysis of current malicious email campaigns.

Anyway, as we’re just coming to the end of the current testing cycle I thought I’d introduce myself [waves at strangers].

This also seems like the perfect opportunity to capitalise on the past by becoming properly qualified. I’m a voracious autodidact, so I’m already repeatedly ploughing through the ISTQB Foundation Level Study Guide to get the best chance of passing the course/exam in Manchester at Easter. From there, Intermediate will be next, followed by Advanced and a couple of specialisms after that (Agile and Mobile look particularly useful at this stage).

And if it all goes wrong, there’s always contracting, right? :grinning:


[Stranger waves back.]

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