Hi Everyone, greetings from Panama

Well, for many years I have been follow the ministryoftesting site and webinars and free events. For me is a pleasure be part of this biggest CoP.
I am a Test Teams Lead in Copa Airlines here in Panama (Latin America) since 2008 and right now I focused in Innovation and Governance topics. Also, I believe in the power of share knowledge for growing our profession and passion that is Testing, so a created a CoP here in my country @PrittyTestingPanama.
I am sure that with your ideas and help I will learn a lot of new and better things for my team.


Welcome to the community Nora

Welcome Nora! I’ve always been fascinated with testing in aviation (How to test a flight simulator?). Sounds like a very interesting space to be in :slight_smile:

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wow! testing in aviation! That sounds really interesting, I would love to hear/read more about it! <3