Hiya from Bruce in Brizzle UK

(Bruce) #1


People call me Bruce, and I’m from Bristol in the UK. I’ve been working as a Junior QA for 6 months, and part of my review was to get more knowledgeable about full-stack testing and the automation thereof. I’m determined to get to a great place in another 6 months, since I have come this far from almost 0 computer/programming knowledge.

I’ve dabbled with Selenium and Cypress and looked over tests that exist at my workplace, but at the moment our products are annoying and complicated to test so we have very little automation coverage - especially around analytics tracking. I’m hoping to learn more so that I can help lead a better automation plan, and use that knowledge to encourage the devs to build in a more testing-friendly way.

I’ll be going to the South West Test Meetups from now on if anyone here goes to them, otherwise I’d love to find some events across the UK to go to next year.

Also I use this emoji a lot --> :sauropod: