How and Where to hire specialists in cross-platform testing

Hi) We developed a cross-platform application on Xamarin. It’s very specific. It makes rooms design in the loft style. So you can throw different furniture, lamps, etc. We have no QA in our staff, we need to hire some (manual). We’re thinking of taking some kind of an offshore company. We have no experience of that kind. Can you advise us something? And can you please send me some helpful links to the companies?


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As per my experience, I would glad to recommend you one of the Tops and Quality testing service providers who work globally with all types of industries.

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actually, it’s pretty great that you pay attention to QA at this very stage… And I hope that my reply isn’t too late. Or at least it’ll be of use to you in the future :smile:
First of all, you should look for a QA company that has experience both in manual and automated testing. Your app doesn’t seem to need automated testing, however, I haven’t seen it, so I cannot tell for sure. As for the company itself, the rules here are pretty the same as with choosing just a software development company: pay attention to their expertise in the area, look for some references and have a talk about the communication process with them in advance, as it can also bring you a lot of pain.
As for the links, check out this QA on demand company.
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Hi! Thanks a lot for your advice :blush:

Hi! Thank you very much for your advice! We’ve already hired someone, but we’ll bare your tips in mind for the future :slightly_smiling_face:

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