How Do You Grow a Senior QA on Your Team?


I’ve wrote a blogpost on how QA Lead can help Middle QA engineer who wants to develop further. If you are an engineer, give it a read as well: these recommendations will help you figure out how to grow and what to ask for from your team leader:

Let me know your tips and what you think in general below.

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When you say “Senior QA”, that’s in terms of status or seniority within the company. A lot of what you’ve written also applies to senior in terms of years - that is, a new appointee who is an older candidate in recruitment terms.

Sadly, I speak from experience :disguised_face:. I joined my current company at the age of 59; the people I’ve worked with have been generally excellent at bringing me into the team and helping me find my way around a product and client base very different to what I’d worked on in the past. They’ve taught me a lot; and in return, I hope I’ve taught them something about how systems, clients and users work in the Real World.