How do you keep your exploratory testing fresh?

Always on the lookout for ways to freshen up our testing, getting new perspective and improving our testing skills. It’s what we do as testers. So we decided to ask you on Twitter and LinkedIn.

By attending a workshop on the topic by Alex Schladebeck

Switching roles with peers. Research about domain and discussion about usability for user with team.

By thinking like a newbie to the application every day with curiosity before starting!!!

Don’t let too much time pass between the times I set aside to do some!

Getting fresh eyes and perspectives from those not working directly with the project.

Environment, data, user, role, volume , basic workflow… permutations of all these

To keep exploratory testing fresh, one has to understand the domain and the main functionality of the application wrt domain & business requirements. And need to find out specific areas where we can contribute as a tester, which can be anything starting from concept, ideas, ways to implement new features, etc…

Small exercises scoped by component/features and a time box. This allows a high degree of rotation in people conducting the tests, more viewpoints in a shorter span. For extra fun give the tester a “role”. Test it as an engineer, operations analyst, support engineer or customer. This also allows customer support backlogs to be used as a source of real usage scenarios.

Have fun when doing it! It really accelerates creativity and imagination which,for me at least, are key when exploring🤓

Understanding the functionality and workflow of the application and exploring the application. Do testing with both positive and negative mind. Notably, we need to forget about requirements and conditions.

Maybe there are some ideas you can use - or maybe you’ve some to share?

Timeboxing some dedicated explore time in your sprint tasks. Beyond all the identified test cases.

I’m always trying to find a new PoV: Role-play is a good way but sometimes I push it extreme level - like using a completely different tool to do your job.
For example, using curl instead of postman for backend testing. Or postman instead of browser for frontend ones.
It may be less efficient but it helps to find new ways of thinking.

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I usually try to look at what I am testing and try to think as an end user using a the product as it if it was live. I look out for important features and test if they work fine, and find ways that could possible break it.