How does the mobile app testing mnemonic help your testing efforts?

Have a read of @dnlknott’s article: Mobile App Testing Mnemonic: Reminders & Tips For Testing Mobile Apps

Discover a mnemonic of sixteen powerful prompts to support your mobile testing efforts. It’s brilliant!

What prompts do you tend to use most of the time during your mobile testing efforts? What did you discover on the article that was new? What’s changed since it was published and what else would you add?

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So many of the prompts are valuable to old and new products. And if a prompt does not make sense to you right now ask yourself why and what are you missing out on. For example knowing which “Mobile Devices” your customers use, Google and Apple give you really strong data to work with, after you launch, but if your app does not have any built in analytics, that data and the product use-case insights are lost to your business. And that’s just the start, Orientation and Inputs are the other big prompts for me and my team. But actually all of these prompts need to be part of your QA strategy. Testing is not about choosing without knowledge, and Daniel has packaged up a really good mnemonic here.

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