How has the tech world changed?

I often ponder on thoughts about the software testing world and how we’ve changed and (yes) progressed over the past few years.

But I wonder how it has changed compared to other career paths in tech.

How do we compare to say:

  • developers
  • designers
  • project manager
  • product owners

What positive things have they done as the tech industry has evolved? It would be great to hear some stories from another perspective. Anything that you have witnessed? Cool things they are doing? Lame stuff they have ditched?

Some designers are pushing forward with Design Sprints – a collaborative approach to exploring ideas without having to build much. Melanie Yencken shares some excellent real-life learnings.

Your post also makes me think about where we’re going with technology and its inevitable convergence with what it means to be human. I’m currently reading Technology vs. Humanity: The coming clash between man and machine. Thought provoking stuff I highly recommend for anyone – who is optimistic and/or worried – who wants to play an active part in the future of tech and humanity.

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