How to test Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trickle Feed Feature


Does anyone have any experience or good advice for testing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail Trickle Feedback feature under load.

I have single instance MPOS (Microsoft Modern Point of Sales) tills, in multiple stores (>20), communicating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation (D365FO) ERP, via a Microsoft Retail Cloud-Scale Unit (RCSU).

I would like to simulate multiple store MPOS posting sales transactions to D365FO, to ensure that there are no locks or posting failures. My MPOS is on version 10.0.19, as is my D365FO, but we have not yet enabled trickle feed. I’d prefer to test first.

Is there a tool which can emulate multiple store tills, each with it’s own unique store ID, pushing transaction data to the main D365FO via the RCSU.

The crude, cost and effort intensive way to do this would be to set up 20+ MPOS tills, individually manned and have people key in transactions. This is not an option for me.

If anyone has done a test like this, I’d be keen to understand how it was achieved.

Thanks in advance
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