How to validate banners on android & IOS apps

Hello Team,

Bussiness is planning to launch a christmas banner on android , IOS apps & Desktop, Mobile sites.

Could you please let me know the possibilities to test the banners.


Hi Subbu,

I thought I’d leave you a few options, some may be obvious and you may have already considered and some are a bit more involved than others.

  • You could keep it simple and manually check but if you have many devices, versions and browsers to check this could be a bit long winded
  • Write an automated check using something like Selenium ( along with Appium ( for mobile devices. You could check for the existence of the banner and check it’s src attribute is perhaps as expected.
  • Use something like Applitools ( to visually check the banner is displayed exactly as expected. They offer both a simple GUI and you can also write code to write the checks.

Free courses:

I hope the above helps,

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Hello @vivrichards

Thanks a lot for your inputs…

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A mobile smart banner uses a fraction of the screen on a mobile/desktop website or application that mostly draws the attention of the user. It’s important that it is attractive and has all the information we want to pass on to the end-user.

In your case, as you are putting up the banner for the user’s attention, it needs to have a very good UI therefore most of the testing considering mobile testing services will stay focussed around the UI. If the banner is having a link that will take the user to some other respective page then it needs to be stay focussed on the functionality of the banner as well.

Following are the main points those can be kept in mind while testing a banner for mobile/desktop website or application:

  • The UI of the banner should not be distorted and should be loaded completely on accessing the application
  • There should no be typos in the text written over the banner
  • Font of the text used on the banner should be appropriate and remains same for the respective text sections
  • Appropriate spaces should be provided among the letters and words of the text
  • Different colors used for the text and backgrounds should be same as per respective sections
  • The icons that we have put over the banner should not be missing or distorted
  • The banner should not be overlap with the text on the application and should not comes over the text while the user scrolls down or up on some page of the application
  • On clicking the banner, the user should be taken to the respective page and all the information should be appropriately displayed on the page
  • The banner is implemented in a way that it provides Cross-Platform Support, i.e. it should work and looks fine on all the mobile devices (android and iOS)

As this banner is to draw the attention of users and to give something special and different to users at the time of the most awaited festival, I advise that all the above points are important for you to consider while performing testing for a mobile app.

I hope this information is helpful.

You could also do some accessibility testing, if that’s a point of interest. Check that different font sizes and screen zoom levels still display the banner and text within it correctly. Check the contrast between the text and background is accessible. Check the app with a screen reader on and that it works as expected (interacting with the banner works and labels are set up correctly).