How to validate banners on android & IOS apps

Hello Team,

Bussiness is planning to launch a christmas banner on android , IOS apps & Desktop, Mobile sites.

Could you please let me know the possibilities to test the banners.


Hi Subbu,

I thought I’d leave you a few options, some may be obvious and you may have already considered and some are a bit more involved than others.

  • You could keep it simple and manually check but if you have many devices, versions and browsers to check this could be a bit long winded
  • Write an automated check using something like Selenium ( along with Appium ( for mobile devices. You could check for the existence of the banner and check it’s src attribute is perhaps as expected.
  • Use something like Applitools ( to visually check the banner is displayed exactly as expected. They offer both a simple GUI and you can also write code to write the checks.

Free courses:

I hope the above helps,

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Hello @vivrichards

Thanks a lot for your inputs…

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