How Would You Test The Perfect Search Box?

I saw this, and it made me wonder how we would think about testing it.

What would you do?

What questions would you ask?

The minute I saw “Perfect” I thought perfect to who? We’ve had many cases where one customer says “I love this feature it is perfect” and another user say “I hate everything about this feature” when talking about the same thing. This would help me prioritise the direction I’d take and any user personas I might adopt.

If it’s on a particular web page (as opposed to Google type search) then what types of devices do I anticipate being the most popular to hit the site? Or do we even know?

I’m also a stickler with colour schemes (thinking about colour blind users) so I would definitely ask about that.

I haven’t even begun to think about the functional approach to it yet.


It would be great if it could find all the search results, I know findable in advance - but better still if it could find something that I did not know …
but i don’t know how.

The perfect search box would tell you how.

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