I have an idea code reviews and impproving Github consistency

Hi! My name is Fede, I’m a full-stack dev and have been making a living as one for many years even though my dream has always been to create a product. I’ve tried once before but I failed. Even worse, we spent over 2000 hours designing and developing features that nobody ever used.

I want to be clear I’m not trying to promote a tool because by the moment it is just an idea and I’m looking for feedback.

Working as a Senior dev I spend a ton of hours doing code reviews. Trying to optimize this time, I’ve experienced how challenging it is to be consistent in PR descriptions, comments, commits, styling, and other tedious tasks as the teams grows.

So, we’ve decided to go at it again and try to solve this problem!

We are thinking of creating RepoJoy an “automatic” way of getting the most consistent code and repository, all integrated into the PR process
But this time we are doing it differently. Before creating the product and spending countless hours doing so, we want to get as much feedback and validation as possible.
We would LOVE to get your feedback on the idea and the product: https://repojoy.com
Would be amazing to get your thoughts and there is no too harsh or too little feedback. All feedback will be extremely welcomed.

Thanks so much, everyone!


I don’t know how many teams care about PR names or commit message consistency. The JIRA link check might be useful, but we have that in a PR template. For linting/formatting Github actions are easy enough to wire up.

At least for the way my team functions, this isn’t a compelling product. (For background, I’m an embedded tester, doing a lot of code reviews, on a team of a half-dozen devs in an engineering org that’s around 100 total devs.)