I'm french, I'm new, thanks for having me :)

Hi :wave:

My name is Huu, I live in France and my english is not so good

I’ve been a tester since last year, but before that I never had a job in IT. I come from human sciences :). For now I do manual testing and I never touched any code but in my current job it’s enough. However I think I’ll quickly face some limits and I want to be ready for new challenges !

I joined Ministry of Testing to improve myself, learn new things that may open more professionnal opportunities.

Thank you !! I look forward to meet some people, have a chat, read stuff and hope to have a good time here :slight_smile:


Welcome, I was like you 3 years ago but MoT is super helpful! I’m sure we have lots of people from France here too!


Thanks, it’s good to know that I’m not alone ! I already joined Slack and I have so much to read already :smiley:


@tqhuu welcome, this is a neat place to ask any questions and discuss about testing - and other topics too! :grin:


Thanks ! I guess I’m looking for where to start with so many content :slight_smile:


This topics has a lot of interesting resoruces to browse through:

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Welcome to MoT @tqhuu

What’s the most awesome bug you’ve found so far? :slight_smile:


Hello ! Thanks for your message ! Please excuse in advance my poor english.

I don’t know what qualifies as awesome but let me try : The project I’m currently working on is a migration project between two ERP. The bug I’m going to describe seemed simple to me but ended up being very complex for the whole organisation.

It started with me checking if in B we had the same data as A. What I didn’t find in B was text fields that have been manually entered by every user over the years. It could be supplementery informations about a transaction for example.

The issue here seemed simple enough for the editor.

  • The first fix involved importing the data again so it could be seen. But when I tried again, I still couldn’t see it.
  • Then we found that the problem was that the customer used an old solution where the text was filled in a “english” zone. Text could be written in french, but regardless, the content would fill the “english” zone.
  • In the new solution, the “french” zone is now available. And as we are defaulted to see this french zone, we cannot see the content in the english zone without clicking on some buttons. When I chose to see the english text zone, I could see the old text.

And then it became complicated : Some problems that we didn’t even think about once rose :

  • What about when the customer will want to write in both languages ?
  • What impacts with the data exchange between the ERP and other applications around it ?
  • And some others we have yet to discover…

We’re still trying to figure this out today … but what I learned from that is first the job is really hard. It’s not only finding bugs and gently complaining about it ! haha
I learned how things can escalate quickly into a big problem. How even small or not-program-related questions could have a significance.

That’s it, I’m still learning, but what’s peculiar about this one is that when I found it, I wasn’t on the job for long. Again I didn’t start with an IT background and didn’t have any experience so I kept wondering if what I reported was too small or not so important, and then, it became this :smiley:


Very nice, seems like you got your hands full! :slight_smile:

You got it! :wink:
It’s a lot change management also … :frowning:


That is a brilliant bug find, I honestly don’t remember my first, but that one is pretty hard to uncover I’ll bet. Welcome to the MOT and all things test as well as life related.


Yes I also can see that too !!
Initially when I joined it was supposed to be a “simple” migration but now many evolutions are demanded so it’s a migration + new things. :smiley:

Thank for your warm welcome, fortunately that wasn’t my first bug too : but this one made me think " I really stepped in it now " ahah