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Possibly something some of the team could help out with?

I would love some advice on Administering TestRail on an Enterprise level. We have our TestRail instance to be set up so that all teams get their own Project within TestRail. Im not sure if there is a way to set up the User/Roles so that we can have System Admins and the Project Admins. The idea being that Project Admins could add testers to their Project and administer their projects without having overall System Admin rights for TestRail. I haven’t been able to figure out how to set this up, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Currently we have a small team of two people who are System Admins that are having to assign everyone to projects, this is definitely not scalable.


Hi @jloeffler

This is not currently possible within TestRail - however we do plan to introduce this functionality for enterprise teams in our TestRail 6.5 release, later this year.