Introduce yourself

Hi everyone!

My name is Graça, I transfer to QA position as tester. I like the idea of checking up on the product before it gets to the users hands, but I want to learn more! Thanks for the videos, they are looking good :smiley:

Great to be here


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My name is Justin, I have been in the tech industry for almost one year now. I am a QA tester for a cyber security firm. Looking forward to building more skills and movin on up in this industry. Good luck to everyone :slight_smile:

Take care

I am currently into project management and looking for a career change. Just started with this course to know about testing. Planning to take ISTQB certification later. I will be grateful for any tips and guidance to get a testing job.

My name is Kim and I am super excited to be here among all of you great people who have a love for software. I’m not quite sure when I developed MY love for software but I did and there’s no going back now! lol. Very hopeful for all of the great lessons and instruction I will receive through this course.


I am a consultant in software testing. A few months ago a started my first project at the IT department of a bank. Unfortunately, the project does not meet my expectations. It is a slow environment and testing is done in an old-fashioned way. Now I want to develop myself further in testing and see what else is possible. I also hope to refresh the basics of testing with this course.
I am already enthusiastic

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hi jennf,
I am anagha and also working in the field of SW tetsting for healthcare applications.
Would like to hera from your testign approach , strategy used for medical SW.
we r into medical devices and also medical sw


There are some regulated business sectors which require “old-fashioned” software testing, for due diligence reasons, especially a need to have cast-iron audit trails. Medical systems is one such area; finance is another. This usually involves manual script execution with detailed lists of test results achieved. That’s just the way it is.

That isn’t to say that more modern test techniques - exploratory testing in particular - can’t be used as well. Even if your organisation doesn’t work on an agile basis and so you are waiting for new releases to be thrown “over the wall”, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do some exploratory work on earlier versions, or on versions with known bugs that you can avoid to see what else is, or isn’t working, and how well. Finding bugs that are off the ‘happy path’ but still have a better-than-medium risk of occurring in deployment will add value to the product (in avoiding rework later) and demonstrate the value of more flexible testing approaches.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the introduction and I look forward to the subsequent videos and lessons @mwinteringham

I have to say I’m pretty new to testing and the IT world really. I’ve decided to have a career change and move away from my original path as a chef and nutritionist! I’ve been told by a few people in the industry that testing is a great place to start, so I’ve ended up here and I’m actually quite excited!

My plans are to work towards the ISTQB certificate, learn the basics of software development and gain some work experience. I would eventually like to learn some coding languages and this is one of things I am most excited about!

Anyway good to meet everyone and hope you’re staying safe and well amid this pandemic!


I’ve been working as a Qa tester for almost 3 years but this is going to be the first course related to QA believe it or not , all the knowledge that I’ve learned has been with the experience and by asking a lot of questions to my team. I am really excited to be here and I hope to learn a lot.

Hi Everyone,
My name is Shuja, and I work as Software QA Engineer for a tech startup in Malaysia. I joined this company in 2018 and in the last 2 years I have enjoyed each and every aspect of software testing from from reviewing requirements to planning, designing and executing tests. I enjoy process improvement initiatives that we take to help teams to adopt those processes, mentoring interns and keep doing every thing related to testing.

My goal is to implement automated regression testing for web and mobile apps but not limited to…

Glad to be a part of this community.
@mwinteringham Thanks for the warm welcome, Mark.

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Hi everyone, my name is Laura. :wave:

I am a complete beginner to testing and enjoying the Essentials course so far. A while ago I completed an online bootcamp in web development as I was interested in learning how to build websites, and the languages behind them. I really enjoyed developing new skills and the challenges that came with solo learning! With the current lockdown, I find myself with some free time and ready for a brand new challenge in something completely new to me!



My name is bryn.

I have absolutely no background in testing but am looking for a new challenge and have been told my skills might be suited to this type of work.

I’m currently a PE teacher and have been coaching sprinting for over twenty years at my local club in cambridge, uk. Before that I’ve done an awful lot of current things from working in a vault for a bank, pensions company, Motorola, police officer and sports supplement company.

I’m really looking forward to getting a better understanding of the industry and starting out on my new path.

Many thanks


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Hi Everyone,

My name is Stacey. I am interested in starting a career in QA and I’m looking forward to learning all I can from this course. Glad to be here and I hope you all are safe and healthy.

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Hi Everyone, I’m a tech sales guy with experience of having worked for companies like Oracle,IBM, Gartner & Intuit. Having said that, I’ve been thinking of transitioning into software testing for some time now.
I’ve taken some time off to reassess my priorities, on the professional side. My coding knowledge is rusty at best. I am planning to get started with manual testing and then move onto automation testing. I’m excited about what lies ahead and am looking forward to connecting with members of the MoT community!

Hi all

I am looking at starting a career in Software/QA Testing.

Currently I lead a Technical Support Team for a Professional Audio company.
Most of our products are digital and software based, and I am involved in UAT and BETA testing along with gathering feedback from our customers and trying to reproduce issues/bugs that they raise, and feedback to our Software Development team.

I am planning on taking some time out from work to fully immerse myself into learning the new skills I need, starting with this course!


Hello all, I am hopeing to change my career path. Software testing seems to align wih me and I am eager to start a new chapter in my life.


Hi everybody, my name is sam, i am from Washington dc. i am here to learn and start a new career as a performance tester. i have been self learning testing for a little bit but stumbling on the MoT website was the best thing ever, its dope to see such a community where i can learn a lot from. i am really excited and THANK YOU! @mwinteringham and everyone from MoT team.

Hi Everyone! My name is Jack, I studied Music Production in Leeds and graduated in 2017 and I’ve been working as a Live Sound Engineer/Performer in my native Ireland ever since, but since everything related to music has been put on hold by the pandemic indefinitely I’ve been looking for a more stable career change. I’ve always been interested in Software I thought I’d give this course a go, thanks!


Good day! My name is Johanna South, coming from the beautiful city of Louisville, KY, USA. I’ve been working in QA for the last 14 years but try to learn something new everyday. At the moment I am leading a team of QA folks, focused on testing mobile and web platforms. This has been a great opportunity for me to build on my testing expertise. To ensure constant growth and learning, I author a blog The purpose of this blog, and me joining the club here at MoT, is to talk testing, pass along my lessons learned, and learn from others!

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Hi all!

Wonderful to see such a friendly and welcoming page for people of all levels.

I’m Ryan Monteith, a young Englishman with a background in EPOS Engineering along with an incredible six years living and working abroad in countless volunteer roles. I am extremely new to testing, and have very little knowledge of it - but a dear friend of mine is convinced that I would be a good fit to the industry with my people skills and love of learning new things.

Looking forward to absorbing as much info as I can and having a blast with you all along the way!