JIRA V/S Visual Studio Team Services?

Hi Tester’s,

We are in a process of Unifying and standardizing the Test tools, process that we follow in our company, as a part of this we are looking to get a Defect Management tool with better reporting capabilities in terms of Test Metrics.

We have reviewed already bunch of all other tools available in market and came to conclusion JIRA or Visual Studio Team Services(VSTS). VSTS seems to be promising with additional capabilities and cleaner UI and additional features to support CI/CD space etc. As VSTS is fairly new in the market after TFS, can anyone who are using VSTS or who have already reviewed these tools capabilities can provide me their views on VSTS compared to JIRA ?

I Appreciate your time.

Having used both JIRA and VSTS, I would suggest VSTS which is much versatile and can easily integrate with other Microsoft software/tools like Microsoft Test Manager. Also it has better reporting capabilities.

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Hi Garry,

Thanks for taking time to share your experience, I appreciate it.

Recently I got chance in my work to play with VSTS tool by configuring dashboards, queries, workflows on Test Project but, to me the configurations are not straight forward and not well documented compared to JIRA. But, seamless integration between other Microsoft products including Visual Studio helps to add Automation tasks to Test cases or Test stories etc. VSTS is more capable and worthy to give a try when your company stack is already tied to Microsoft.

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I’m used to Jira but my latest project is using Team Services at the main project hub- I’ll send out some more info on my comparison after I’ve used it in more depth but as the last few posters have advised if you are using MS tools throughout the dev process then think the integrations are going to be really useful.

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Well some initial thoughts - looks great from a CI point of view, developers linking it up to tools such as Vis Studio and Xamarin for build and automated testing.

From a management of testing point of view still looking at this - it seems to share the same basic stuff as Jira and looks good (although we did have a lot of workflows built in Jira that we haven’t yet got set up in VSTS so looking forward to reviewing this). I honestly think that with these tools they all do a good job and a lot of it depends on the quality of data added in there!

Will keep you updated as I go on!

Thanks for keeping us posted. After using VSTS few days i can see that VSTS and JIRA or any other latest tools are capable of doing most of the basic stuff from Defect management and Test Management perspective.All we need to do validate is our requirements,available support and pricing.

My opinion is VSTS lacks in sharing and tracking the project progress and updates where as in JIRA I can share,export Test Results and project dashboards to external stakeholders in various formats I like.Also, with their recent changes in JIRA pricing model which is pay per person JIRA is now cheaper compared to VSTS

One small drawback I have noticed, and not sure if this is local set up so I need to chase admins here, or the way it is across VSTS - for a project the dashboards are shared (so I would want a personalised dashboard based on test details etc. whereas developers will want more of a dashboard configured to their needs).

Obviously the work allocated to me types of things will be user specific, but if there is a widget added then the whole project team gets it.