JMeter WSS-Password Type

Greetings, I have encountered a similar problem as to this post: soap - How to add wsdl authentication to Jmeter - Stack Overflow , but have not able to find a working solution yet.

I tried to simulate a similar SOAP request in JMeter, but it seems I am not able to configure WSS-Password Type in anywhere and include it into HTTP Authorization Manager, and keep receiving message “Message security verification failed” where the same reply is received in SOAPUI when the WSS-Password Type is set to none. Is there a way to input WSS-Password Type for the authentication process?

Have you tried the WS Security for SOAP plugin? It seems to be just what you are looking for. More info here:

The HTTP Authorization Manager is for configuring authentication credentials for the HTTP protocol level.

However, you need to include those credentials in the SOAP payload of an HTTP request.

A clear text password (type PasswordText) may easily be included in the payload, e.g.

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
    <soapenv:Header xmlns:wsa="">
        <wsse:Security xmlns:wsse="">
                <wsse:Password Type="">${password}</wsse:Password>

For encoded passwords (type PasswordDigest) however, you may want to use the plugin mentioned which looks like this:

Interesting, anyway to insert the clear text password in the request payload within JMeter?