Leeds Meetup Retro Results

Last night (23rd October 2019) we held a retrospective with the attendees on what they wanted to see from us in 2020. We used a heaven and hell and lean coffee exercises with a couple of groups.

Looking at both sessions below there are a lot of cross overs between the two groups.

  • Having a wide range of content subjects including technical, security and tools seems to be a consensus. More hands on, interactive and workshop type sessions would be welcome. Talks on overcoming challenges or providing inspiration were high up on peoples likes.
  • We need to do more to promote and publicise our meetup. Through engaging other groups and organisations. Maybe in different mediums such as a website with mailing list.
  • It would be nice to have recordings or webinars. Issues here are cost and quality and if these would have a detrimental effect on attendance.

The topics for discussion from the lean coffee group were (those discussed with their votes for discussion);

  • Content 4
  • Webinars / Recordings 3
  • Publicity 3
  • Hack a kettle

Others very briefly discussed were Timings, Diversity and Inclusion, Beer and audience participation.


  • They liked the wide range of topics we have presented and wanted that to continue
  • Wanted more technical content including automation, CI/CD, Penetration Testing
  • Practical experience, failure stories and overcoming them, experience reports
  • Business engagement and communication, how to involve the wider business
  • Lighting talks session
  • Poetry Slam (no that wasn’t my idea! but I like it) Creativity in the craft


  • Send out to more than Meetup, highlight other channels for information
  • Have a web page or similar for people to follow
  • Reach out to other meetings to share talks, ideas and publicity
  • Reach out to universities, organisations and businesses to publicise
  • Think about seasonal influences, holidays, events, themes

Hack a Kettle

  • Penetration testing, InfoSec, Security based talks, workshops or sessions
  • Lock picking workshop
  • How to shift security left
  • Things testers can do

Heaven and Hell session

  • Need to promote more / better
  • Champions
  • Yearly rewards
  • Inspiring stories
  • Failure learnings
  • Tool offs (too comparison)
  • Surgery / Workshops
  • Battle of topics
  • On trend
  • How testing fits in
  • Career in testing
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