Lesson 2 - Activity 2 - Can you identify how software is used within a domain?

Time: 15 minutes – 1 hour depending on what are you explore

Introduction: In the lesson we explored different business and technology domains in which software exists. For example inside modern cars, in finance/payment and eCommerce (fancy word for buying stuff online :slight_smile:). But we can explore these domains in more detail and there are many more domains to consider.

So for this activity, you are to pick a business domain or area of technology and research how software has been created and used to solve problems.

Purpose: By exploring business and technology domains and the software that is used within them you’ll get a better appreciation of how diverse the software development industry is. Furthermore, gaining a deeper understanding of the software solutions used throughout a domain can be advantageous when applying for testing roles. Lastly, a tester with good knowledge of the domain they are working in can excel in their work.


  1. Choose any domain you like, it can be one we covered within the lesson or a completely different one.
  2. Research and identify as many areas, as you can, where software is used within that domain.
  3. Suggest what problems the different software is solving, also known as, a software solution.
  4. Once you have identified a domain, examples of software, add your findings into your portfolios and share in this thread to compare with other learner’s domains.

As an example, recently I went to the library and used an automated system to return books which then notified a librarian that they had been returned. In this example, the domain is a library and the software used was a returning book system and a notification system and this solved the problem of me having to queue and the librarian having to manually input this information.