Linking Zephyr to rmCloud and vice versa

Hi, this is my first time posting so hoping I am asking in the right place….

I am new to using Zephyr Scale and have written some test cases. I was able to link each test case to a requirement in rmCloud by adding it as a weblink.

However rmCloud can’t see the test cases and I was wondering what I did wrong or is there a better way to do this.

Any advice from people with experience would be really appreciated.


Hi. About to start a trial, (will be on-prem, not Scale unless we get a free trial jira-instance from them) what was your experience like, and what kind of questions should I be asking myself during the trial. I’m initially just interested in the manual test case management problem space, but want to be able to hook into your CI/CD suite reports once I have some basic stuff imported.